Paris, a game changer for my world
Journal by Aha
Mar 2018

5 years ago in 2013. It was the first time I went to Europe with David Soong and the first city was Paris. From that moment on, I fell in love with the city. Big time. Paris, the City of Love. The city that changed the way I think and the way I see the world, and these photos were silent witnesses of my daily activity in Paris at that time.


A few days ago, I was scrolling through my hard drive and stumbled upon a folder named ‘Daily Paris’ which brings back all those moments when I explored the city for almost 3 months. Everyday, whether it was raining or a beautiful sunset, I always brought my camera with me to snap whatever is happening in that city. Because I knew at that time, I will be missing the city so much. Even though a lot of people say Paris is not safe, but I don’t know why, for me the city still captures the beauty of it, full of historical building and of course, the language is quite interesting.


Now, let’s start with a place that I had a stay in Paris. The area is actually not a tourist area, it is called Rue St. Martin. Side to side with Sebastopol, the area is well known for cloth market and busy traffic. From there, I always start my day to explore. Sometimes I took Metro (Paris’ subway) or I’ll just take a stroll and find myself in the middle of nowhere. No GPS. It’s interesting to see how Parisian talks to strangers, so whenever I got lost, I’ll just ask a Parisian. Usually, I’ll walk around 15 to 20 km per day, snap around 20 to 50 photos per day, and then sit around at Jardin des Tuileris or Louvre until it’s time for sunset.


I remember the longest walk I took was from my place to the famous Eiffel Tower. I did not take the Metro, but it turned out to be the most memorable day for me. I met so many people, inspiring people and I just realized how the Parisian really know how to enjoy their city when the weather is good. It was sunny and I walked through the side of Seine River. The sun shined so pretty, along with the breezy winds from spring. It wasn’t cold but it wasn’t hot either. It was perfect and people were just sitting around the Seine River, some people took their drawing book, novel or camera to take a stroll with around that area.


I sat down, closed my eyes and spoke to myself how grateful I am. It was a beautiful moment. All my life I never dreamed of going to Paris, but now it’s a different story. It was unplanned but now it holds a really special place in my heart. The feeling of always wanting to come back to Paris.


The only thing I don’t really like about Paris is……. *drumroll* the food! LOL. I couldn’t really eat them because I can’t deny my asian blood, you know. So, every single day to fulfill my hunger, I eat croissant. The only food that’s available everywhere on the street and also the cheapest one! (1,5 – 2 EURO). I can’t also eat Chinese food because it’s freakin’ expensive! Hahahaha. This whole food drama has ‘helped’ me lose around 8-10 kilos. It was croissant -> walk -> and snap pictures. It wasn’t all-healthy but surprisingly it made me happy. 🙂


And finally, these are the photos. The silent witnesses of my daily activity in Paris. Some of the pictures were taken by my phone, some with a pocket camera, some with DLSR. I hope you enjoy these photos (including my random banters :p) and of course I hope I can go back to Paris, stay a bit longer, explore the city and get lost with nothing behind.


Paris, me manque tellement.


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