Photography : Portraiture
Make it count
The Beauty Portraits of Sisilia by Fen Soong
Feb 2018

“Do you remember how important it was to you that your mom or your dad come to the performance, simply because you wanted someone to watch you?

The desire to be noticed runs deep in many of us. While it is wonderful to have friends and family to witness the peaks and valleys in our life, we don’t share them, not because we do not want too, but it is not possible for someone to witness every single aspect of another life.

YET, there is one who knows my every thought, who notice the desire of my heart, and witnesses every moment in my life; the good, the bad, the ugly. God witness to every aspect of your every day and God is your biggest cheerleader in every circumstance. He sits through the entire production of your life from beginning to the end.

Remember, life is not a rehearsal. It is your only shot at absolutely delighting your audience of One. Make your performance count.

MUSE : @sisiliaoei

Dress by @provocatebymeltatan

Styled by @redmelimelo

Makeup and Hairdo by @yolandapras and @yuviamua

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