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Hello Abrielle!
The Newborn Portraits of Abrielle by William Xu
Feb 2018

If your house is at Kelapa Gading and you have a child, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Elisa. I heard she’s a really great child doctor. Not long ago, she was not accepting any patient as she’s preparing for the birth of her daughter.

She named her daughter Abrielle.

Not long after little Abrielle came into this world, she had a newborn photo shoot with us!

Since Elisa loves everything related to Sanrio and the shoot is for her daughter, I thought of Hello Kitty. Then, I remembered that Elisa also loves pastel. I was a bit conflicted because Hello Kitty’s colors are bold.

Then, I saw other Sanrio characters: Little Twin Stars. Their colors are pretty pastels.

Hmmm… What if I take the mood and colors of Little Twin Stars for Hello Kitty? I tried sketching it. It looks very cute. I’m sure Elisa will like it.

Ok. Time to work. I picked the paint colors, mixed the paints until I found the prettiest combinations. I carefully cut the clouds, the moons, and the stars before painting it.

After the painting works are done, it’s fabric time! I borrowed the Hello Kitty doll from my friend, removed all the bold colors, then handsewn Hello Kitty’s new clothes. Last but not least, I picked the softest fabric, the cutest ribbon, and sew them together for Abrielle’s headpiece.

At the photoshoot day, Elisa’s smile lit up when she saw me went back and forth with the props. I haven’t even set it up when she said, “I can imagine how wonderful it’s going to be!” Hearing that, I feel that all my the hard works are worth it!

Then, I encountered a new challenge: there’s no good lighting in the house as the day is very cloudy. I avoided using artificial lights since newborns are sensitive. I use only natural light.

I exhaled in relief when I saw a window, big enough for the light to caress the set dreamily.

During the photoshoot, baby Abrielle slept peacefully through the photo shoot.

Near the end of the photo shoot, Elisa suddenly said, “I want more pictures when Abrielle wakes up.” Then, Elisa tried to wake her daughter up, but she didn’t want to wake up.

That’s when the waiting game starts.

We waited until Abrielle wakes up hungry, crying for food. After she ate, we continued the photo session.

As I take the last pictures, I was so happy to see Abrielle awake. I could interact with her. She’s so cute!

I can’t wait for her next photo session 3 months from now!

Thank you, Elisa, for trusting me to take pictures of your baby.

See you next time!


Will Xu

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