I make toys about “dreams”
A Journal by Paulus
Feb 2018

On a usual one day off, I like to observe random things to sketch later I sketched anything that I watched earlier that day–my daughter, the noodle I ate just this morning, and, you know, the usual stuff.

It was so quiet, I could hear my pencil strokes on paper. That day, my daughter was still at school. My wife was out with her friends. I got the entire house to myself.

Suddenly, I hear a voice.

Grook. Croak.

What was that? I swore it’s in this room.


I swore it’s right behind me.

I slowly got up and turned. Nobody was there.


I looked down and found Nimbus, my frenchie dog snoring, sleeping on his back, his little paws up, twitching. So funny.

Was Nimbus dreaming? Do dogs dream?

That sparked up an idea. Well, I collect a couple of vinyl toys (or some people would call it designer toys) for myself. So, why not try creating something like that?

I tried to sketch a character inspired by Nimbus.

Nimbus is a daydreamer. He wants to chase his dreams but he’s often bumped into the skeptic Sleepwalker. Even though Nimbus is doubted, his friend Offspring kept pushing him to grow because Offspring believes in Nimbus.

Nimbus’ stories came from the people I observe. Everywhere, people talk about their dreams, but when I meet them later on, their dreams are still dreams.

There are a lot of cases like that. That’s why I disagree with parents who prohibit their children from exploring the world. The children would be afraid to try new things and go after their dreams. Of course, as a father, I understand they don’t want their kids to fail. Failure hurts, but failure is also a chance to learn and grow. And, in today’s world, if you keep learning and own the guts trying new things, you can be anything you want to be.

I thought it would be great to have reminders of this story. So, why not create a figure based on that? It’s meaningful (and makes cute decorations too–my daughter would approve).

Long story short, I found a couple friends who have the same dreams as I am. We teamed up. Then, we tried to connect with someone from Japan and HK who can produce Nimbus’ figures in vinyl. Sometimes, I still have to repaint some of the special figures manually. Oh well, I don’t mind. It’s a labor of love!

Other than making Nimbus into vinyl toys, Nimbus is starting to realize his dream on t-shirts, blankets, bags, and now, shoes.

Also, Nimbus is starting to have fans from far away! We’re so happy when they express their appreciations on our hard work.

I hope Nimbus keep inspire people around the world to not only dream, but to reach their dreams.



P.S. You may find Nimbus on Instagram (@nimbus.booboo) (@kurobokan). Nimbus vinyl toys also has his own hashtags: #daydreamnimbus #sleepwalkernimbus #sleepwalkeroffspringnimbus.

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