Videography : She Said Yes
Photography : She Said Yes
An adventure and a lesson
The Pre-Wedding of Eric & Glady, Videography by Dimar & Photography by Ivan
Feb 2018

7 years with Eric is never boring.

It’s not always a walk in the park, though.

I used to be stubborn!

Along the way, we learned that nobody’s right and wrong. We are 2 different people who do things in our own ways. Eventually, we let each other do his/her things and appreciate each other for it. It’s quite a process.

And, anyway, thankfully, we both have the same love of sports, traveling, and tasting foods we never eat before. Hahahaha.

One time, we traveled to New Zealand with Eric’s family. In certain places, we ditched the group tour and explored by ourselves. We did it for the foods. (P.S. Try their mussels, lamb, and beef!)

While we’re there, we were constantly amazed at how stunning nature was. It took our breath away. We both fell in love with it. That’s why we decided to take our pre-wedding pictures and shoot our pre-wedding videos there.

Our photographer Ivan Mario is professional and talented. He can capture the moment skillfully. We love with every single photo that he shot. It’s wonderful!

Our video director Dimar was very kind to us. We’re so happy to explore more of New Zealand with him. We enjoyed the shooting process with him! Hahahaha. When we watch the final movie, we like him even more. We love our video!

We’ve been married for several months now. When we watch the video, we feel how fast the time goes. Thankfully, the moment is captured. We feel so happy and blessed.



Location: New Zealand

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