Photography 101: Capturing the details
A Journal by Aha
Feb 2018

Speaking from my experience, in Indonesia, most of the time, the parents of the brides and the grooms are in charge of everything in the wedding, from the traditions they want, the schedules, the venues, etc.

It leaves little room for the bride and groom to choose, which is why when preparing the big day,  the couple usually put so much attention to stationeries, suit, cufflinks, socks, perfume, pieces of jewelry, and dress.

The details are the only things that have the bride and groom’s fingerprints.

That’s why shooting details are important.

(It’s also one of my favorite things to shoot!)

Here’s my preparation checklist:

1. Meet with the bride and groom to find out about their details and the wedding’s color palette. I can’t skip this step because, in the end, colors will set the mood of the pictures.

2. Gather supportive props that I will mix and match with the details.

3. Talk with the wedding organizer to provide me more time to shoot details.

Now, let’s talk about the fun part: the photoshoot. Here are some points that I take care when shooting:

1. First. The lighting. I usually use natural light (most of the time, I take pictures in the morning to get the best soft light). I search the light source in the room, then I make sure it’s soft enough to shoot.

2. Find a surface. I either use the resort/hotel’s rustic surface. I’m not a big fan of carpets. So, usually, I bring my own surface that I can use right away. I got these styling board handmade from Ivory & Pen. You can also get it at other online stores.

I also bring very light veil’s type of fabric to get a more dynamic surface. That way, it’s easier to play with the items.

3. Put all the details that the groom or bride already prepared in one place, so it’s gonna be easier for you to grab and put it on the surface.

4. We can start the photoshoot now, as simple as that.

5. When arranging the details, play with it, be creative, make the items looks really nice, but not too much. It’s better if you separate the items by categories, for examples: stationeries, invitation, shoes and little things like pieces of jewelry, perfume, belt for the groom and watch, shoes for the groom, cufflinks, or any little things that the couple prepared or daily use. we can mix with anything just have fun with the items.

6. Play with your angles! I never shoot only single angle. I shoot from eye level distance to get the depth of field, so I can shoot a closer look at the details. Oh, I use flat lays a lot, I  take a step higher and then shoot from above.

Most of all, we need to look for something unique which represents the taste and the character of the couple. Every detail (of the couple’s big day) has its own stories,  which the couple will remember forever and, later, share to their future kids.

Details are more than just something to make a wedding album very pretty.

Details are something very personal.

That’s why I really love it.



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