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The Pre-Wedding of Jimmy & Linda by Dimar
Feb 2018

Do you know what martabak tipis kering is? It’s like crepes, but crunchier and more Indonesian. It’s like Indonesia’s midnight staple food after instant noodle.

Jimmy had no clue about martabak tipis kering. I was surprised! He loves trying to eat in different restaurants and he knows lots of food.

So, our first date was me introducing him cheesy milky martabak kering and us talking, getting to know each other.

We’ve been food hunting together ever since. When we’re traveling or just staying in our hometown, we explore around and enjoy good food. We usually eat 3 meals a day together.  (I gained almost 5kg while dating him. LOL.)

I enjoy every moment with him (he makes me laugh). We don’t even have anniversary dinner and such. We just do it randomly as how we wanted it to be, so every moment is just special.

Anyway, about the video filming, Jimmy and I enjoyed it so much! With Dimar, we laughed out of nothing, hunted foods, and talked unforgettable talks. There was no pressure. We’re just having fun with best friends. We’re really satisfied with the video! It’s so great!

Hopefully, we can catch up with Dimar! Jimmy would like to have some wine with Dimar (Dimar loves wine).



Location: Paris, France

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