Photography : She Said Yes
Who should you listen to?
The Pre-Wedding of Farid and Putri by Paulus
Feb 2018

“How do you usually take a picture?”

“What’s the others’ usual theme?”

Such questions make me wonder. Why do you want to know what other people usually do? Sure, sometimes, seeing other people inspire you. Maybe you’re too confused and you want to hear what everybody else is saying.

Most of the times, they are just having a “small talk” which sounds a lot like pieces of advice (“Girls should get married no older than 25 years.” “The best pre-wedding is in Paris.” etc etc). Some might even say something rude, but if you reply with kindness, you’d understand that he/she is hurt and angry.

Well, here’s the truth: everybody has his/her own standard of happiness. What makes them happy might not make you happy. What works for them might not work for you.

That’s why we should not take other people’s opinions personally.

Now that we’ve eliminated the noise, you can focus back on your priority: making you and your loved one happy. All you need to answer is: “what makes you both happy? What do you both love?”

There’s no other answer like yours. There’s no other relationship like yours….

And your pre-wedding pictures should reflect who you really are as a couple.



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