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Give love a chance
The Same Day Edit of Danny & Winda by Dimar
Feb 2018

My last break up was a mess.

So, when another guy popped along, trying to get to know me better after a random conversation about life, I said that I didn’t want to date at all. I had enough. It felt impossible to trust anyone else again.

That guy, Danny, was okay with it. He said he wanted to try to make me happy even if later we don’t end up together.

Of course, I was a little scared, but he seemed like a nice guy.

I decided to try to get to know him too. Before long, we discovered how different we both are. He’s the life of the party. I prefer to spend time with a few best friends. I don’t like the crowd. Plus, we often have different opinions as our backgrounds are different.

Sometimes, we don’t understand each other and in our bad days, we let our ego got in the way. We fight, then we both cry like crazy and say what feel.

We both take our time to think about the problems and reflect. We always think, “why do we have to be sad apart when we can be happy together?” Every problem has a solution. This is the most stressful part.

Not long after, we hug and say that we understand each other and we try not to act like that again. In the end, we both are willing to lose the fight, because that’s the only way our relationship can win. Haha.

As time goes by, I feel that Danny always give me the best things and try to make both of us happy. I love the smell of him. I love how he can be my blanket when I’m cold!

“I draw a circle around you not a heart because a heart can break but a circle goes on forever,” he said. I believe him.

I wish to have a very very very happy life with him.

I want to live with him for 200 years.



P.S. The first time I saw Dimar’s videos, I fell in love with the way he shot. His angles. His scenes. He knows how to capture moments perfectly and bring our the real characters from the people he shot. Everything was real. Not fake. Hahahaha.

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