Photography : She Said Yes
Love always finds a way
The Pre-Wedding of Boby & Stephanie by Dre
Feb 2018

For most couples, distance and parents’ blessing are the deal breakers. If one of those things aren’t handled right, it’s only a matter of time before they ended everything.

There are a few brave, daring couples who see those as challenges instead of road blocks. They might not always believe this, but their hearts always whisper them the truth, “love always find a way.”

Boby and Stephanie are two of the brave ones.

Boby tried to get to know Stephanie in multiple ways and asked her out for multiple times, but her answer was always no.

One day, she saw the determination in his eyes and she answered yes.

When Stephanie’s father heard of this, he thought of how young his little girl is and how girls of her age don’t understand love yet. He forbid his daughter from dating.

Boby and Stephanie, being 2 rebellious teenagers that they were, dated in secret.

During her university years, her father saw how she’d grown into a young woman. Maybe he also saw Boby’s determination and how his daughter love him very much. So, finally, he gave them his blessings.

That’s not the end of the challenge. Distance, too, separated them for years. More than once, everything felt so difficult.

They are stubborn enough to make it work. At the end, their love finds a way.

She said yes last August.

They said I do last November.

With love,


Photoshoot location: Los Angeles, USA

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