Photography : Portraiture
After the wedding
The Beauty Portraits of Micheline by Herna
Jan 2018

People say that marriage limits our freedom. They also said that we wouldn’t know the person we’re dating until we marry them.

During our honeymoon, none of the above applies. Everything’s wonderful. However, as soon as we came home, reality hits.

His habits I never knew before are starting to show. Hahahaha. (Bride to bes, be ready for surprises!)

“Meet my wife, Micheline.”  

I squirm a little when Gerry referred me as his wife. That’s one of the things that feel weird. Another thing, everything used to be provided for me. Now, Gerry and I have to think for ourselves. We have an extra responsibility.

I guess, with time, I’ll get used to it. 

In the middle of these surprises, there are times when we’re amazed that we’re married. This is the life that we dreamed and fought for. It’s finally happening. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Anyway, about my freedom? Nothing changes. I still get to visit my parents, go out with my friends, and meet my dogs. It’s not as scary as the things people say.

In my opinion, both you and the guy you’re marrying has to understand that you both need “me-time.”

Hmm.. I think that’s all. Don’t worry, brides to be! Just be ready and you’ll be fine. Trust me.



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