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Something better than the resolutions
The Family Portraits of Judd & Sonya by Vania
Jan 2018

Resolutions, anyone?

Let’s make something better.

We’re not saying that resolutions are bad. Resolutions let us imagine that our dreams will come true this year. If they don’t come true, they let us down.

And, when we think bigger, we realize that resolutions limit us to a point. We’ll never know if we can achieve higher than we imagined.

It’s better if we set intentions, actions that will lead us to the dreams. They don’t have to be something big. Make them as fun as possible!

Now, is there something we need to do more in our family?

Take a moment to think about what our family stands for, appreciate, and value.

Our family thought of these intentions:

We appreciate all living things. We value time. We see the positive in every situation. We trust each other as we give space for freedom, it is okay to be spontaneous. We laugh as much as possible.

Intention pushes our family to grow. It helps each family member discover more about the world, and most of all, help us all choose positivity and peace.

Let’s make a few intentions! Let them burn like fireworks through 2018.


Axioo Family

P.S. Yes, the kids in the pictures are twins! Tristan & Raiden. Mom & dad do not differentiate which one is older. Although raising twins (and boys), the parents try as best as they can to take care the kids by themselves. They love to bring the kids to travel. Mom wants the kids to feel the excitements of flying, traveling, and staying in different places. As the kids grow up so fast, mom would love to capture all the moments of the twins.


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