Closer to Reality
Introducing AXIOO Augmented Reality by AXIOO
Jan 2018

Since day one, AXIOO has been a fusion of photography and graphic design. Since then, everything here passed as a blur of passion, creativity, love, and a little magic. For us, every single thing was very delightful, that 16 years passes like a short beautiful movie you’d wish to watch every single night before bed. We’ve been dreaming to relive our memories in the most magical way.

Then, we stumbled across the technology to make our dreams a reality. We thought, it’s going to be so wonderful.

After years of preparation, we are now ready to launch a fusion of photography, video, and augmented reality technology. Introducing: AXIOO Augmented Reality (AR)!  

“It’s like moving Harry Potter photographs!” our founder/photographer Fen Soong said with dreamy twinkles in her eyes.

Now, you can watch your memories come alive. Simply download “AXOOAR” app via Appstore or Playstore, then hover your phone at your favorite pictures, and your little movie play. (P.S. It only works on certain pictures)

They’re so wonderful that we created a wall of gallery on our living room. We imagined the gallery look great on your wedding celebration display, and later, your future home for your future grandkids to see. Lovely, isn’t it?

You can also send your AR memories via a few postcards for the special people who mattered the most to you, like your friends and family. They’re always there from the beginning, so they would be happy to watch your happiest memories right before your happily ever after starts.

They would be reminded to save the date to celebrate your big day together. Wouldn’t it be sweet?



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