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What’s being pregnant really like?
The Maternity Portraits of Hamediana by Keefe
Jan 2018

I’ve heard stories of soon-to-be mothers struggling in their maternity moments, so, to be honest, I was a little worried.

3 months after our wedding, my test pack said, “positive.” I was happy. As my baby’s going to be the first grandchild from both my family and my husband’s family, everyone would be overjoyed to hear the news. However, I decided to wait 3 months to tell both sides of the family so my announcement would be a pleasant surprise.

I told my husband first. Before I said another word about my plan, he already jumped his way into his parents’ room and excitedly told them that they’re going to have a grandchild very soon. I rarely see him this happy. There goes my failed surprise, but his happiness makes up for it.

I realized that, sure, there are a lot of things I can’t control in my pregnancy, except the healthier foods I eat. All we can do is pray. A lot.

Day by day, I remained active. I even managed to do yoga. Well, I craved some foods, but it is always satisfied, thanks to Go-Food. Hahahaha.

Every time I do check up, my doctors gave only good news for the entire 9 months. No difficulty came by. Overall, thank God, everything was smooth.

Now that he’s already born into this world, people tell us that our son looks like me. However, I imagined our son to grow up like me and my husband, because most of our personalities are the same. When he grows up, we wish him to be a wise leader. That’s why we gave our son the name Reginald Alpha.



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