Videography : She Said Yes
This pre-wedding video is inspired by her
The Pre-Wedding Movie of Tono & Stefani by Dimar
Dec 2017

At first, I thought getting pre-wedding and wedding pictures are enough. Adding pre-wedding video shoot amidst the pre-wedding preparation sounds crazy tiring.

But then, I went to a friend’s wedding, where her pre-wedding video was shown. The video was beautiful. I was kinda interested. When I asked her, if it’s too tiring, she said something like, “No. Not all all! It’s worth the memories. You’ll definitely cherish them.”

I thought maybe it’s worth trying. So, I booked us a video meeting with Dimar, an Axioo director. I didn’t really think about the concept. I was so sure to shot in castles, wearing ball gowns. Then, Dimar said, “Stef, how about Parisian concept? It’s inspired by you.”

Wow! It’s a great idea. I LOVE Paris. I felt that Dimar really gets me, so I trusted him with the concept.

Dimar’s really fun and hardworking. One shooting location, Mont Saint-Michel, was very far. We woke up earlier as the journey would take quite a while. After hours of being on the road, we finally get there, but unfortunately it rained heavily. My heart fell a little. As we waited for the rain to stop, Dimar went around the place to scout the best location so when the rain stop, he’ll know where to shoot.

The rain took up the most of our day, only stopping late in the afternoon. We immediately walked all the way to the top, the view was so pretty even though it’s cloudy. It’s worth the journey and the wait.

Filming the movie was so fun that time seemed to fly quickly. Suddenly, a guard came up to us and reminded us that it’s almost the closing time.

Tono, Dimar, and I exchanged a look, the three of us knew that there were still a lot of places to cover. We came to a silent agreement. Since then, we played hide and seek with the guard. When he didn’t look, the camera rolled. I really hoped he won’t see us. My heart beat faster than usual, I was nervous.

Before long, the guard caught us, told us to go home, and followed us to the exit, but, guess what? We got the shots! And it rained again. Hahahahha.

A while later, they sent me the result. It was beyond my expectation! I really love the video. I’m really satisfied.

Of course, we played the video during our wedding. A friend said, “Your video is really good. When I get married later, I want to create a concept video just like you. Not a lot of people thought of that kind of concept.”



Location: Paris, France

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