Photography : Family
The moments I live for
Budi & Welly’s Big Family Portraits by Ivan
Nov 2017

Hey everyone!

Ivan here. How’s life? Mine’s been crazy, as crazy as having 3 meetings at the same time. If you ask me why I’m always busy with work when I’m not with my family, here’s my answer: my clients, like this big family right here, make it all worthwhile. Let me tell you about this family.  

Budi and Welly live in Jakarta. The rest of the family flew from Lampung. So, I guess they have a long distance relationship. Hahaha. Just like my pre-wedding couples. Long distance family relationship is real.

Though we visit each other every once in awhile, we rarely travel together as a big family. Therefore, this moment being together is really precious,” I remember hearing them saying this to the team.

Seeing our parents having fun with their grandchildren is one of those special moments that we always cherish together as a family, and to have it captured beautifully is truly precious.”

Thank you Budi and Welly, it’s an honor for me to be trusted in capturing such rare moments. I won’t forget all the fun we had at the photoshoot.

Anyway, my wife smiled really pretty when I showed her these pictures. I hope these pictures make your day too.



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