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Wedding prep: 8 steps to bridge parents & in-laws
The Wedding of Gerry & Micheline by Aha
Nov 2017

Before the unforgettable wedding dance with changing-colored dress, Prince Philip trudged through a forest of thorns and killed a dragon.

Before the beautiful wedding ball, Belle helped the Beast to fight Gaston.

Before the iconic boat wedding, Ariel the mermaid had to swim to the boat with her human legs.

Fairytales are not all rainbows and breathtaking gowns. Happily ever afters aren’t always sunny. Every prince and princess has to face their own challenges, which in the end, would forge their loves.  

We had a heart to heart conversation with the bride to be Micheline. She poured her hearts and shared everything to us.

Years of long distance relationship turned her days to his nights and his days to her nights. When they’re in the same city, Gerry works at midnight and Micheline works under the sun. Although distance and time separate them, their love for each other grew stronger that one day, they decided on being with each other forever.

Both Gerry and Micheline wished for an intimate wedding, a gathering of a few loved ones. However, their parents had a festive wedding in mind, in which hundreds of faces they know celebrate the happiest day of their first son and their first daughter. And, the parents and the in-laws thought of different ways to celebrate.

It’s not easy hearing both sides bickering, insisting to follow their different ways, and when they had enough, they started telling them to call off the wedding. At one point, Micheline almost let this go. Gerry, the most patient person Micheline ever met, almost gave up too.

Micheline shared a few things that kept the wedding going. We hope her advices would inspire you in case you’re ever going through similar situation:

Listen to everyone. Follow your heart.

When you listen to your parents, you’d find truth in their words as they want the best for you, but you’d realize that it’s partly not applicable for this generation (kind of like puffy sleeves in wedding dresses. It’s sweet, but only in the 80’s).

When you listen to your partner’s words, you’d find another truth, conflicting from your parents’ version.

Of course, it is understandable to be confused. Well, hold on to this: whatever their truths are, it’s not yours. Take sometime think and listen to the words your own heart whispers.

Decide what you and your fiancee want.

In Micheline’s case, Gerry and Micheline forget their dream wedding and go after their parents’ dreams.

Make a ground rule to communicate.

Both Gerry and Micheline acted as a communication bridge for their parents. To avoid misunderstanding, Gerry isn’t allowed to talk to Micheline’s parents without agreeing about the matter first with Micheline and visa versa.

Say it at the right time.

Sometimes, when we wish to discuss certain things, we feel like saying everything to relieve our hearts and get the matters done. However, saying things at the wrong time would make things worse. That’s why we should be patient and read the situation first before saying anything.  

Involve parents with any decision.

If not, you would repeat the process all over again.

Compromise, find a win-win solution.

Find a support system.

Talk to your friends who are not just curious. Talk to the ones who are genuinely care, listen closely and happy when you’re happy.

Pray together.

Take turns speaking with God. Don’t hesitate to ask for specific things.

“This is only the beginning. It’s not as smooth as we hoped, but we made it through,” said Micheline, “In the future, there will be more challenges. I’m sure we can face them together.”

“We’re so excited for our new journey.”


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