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Hi everyone, meet Keefe!
Ashton Baby Portraits by Keefe
Nov 2017

There’s something about kids that steal our hearts. The way their waves of laughter light up our days. The way they see everything ordinary with wonder reminds us to find joy in simple things. We wish nothing more than to capture more of their cuteness. We can’t get enough of it!

That’s why we are adding a new member to our baby photographer family. Okay. Here we go. Everyone, meet Keefe!

Maybe you’ve seen him before. Maybe you attended an Axioo seminar and saw him sitting in the front row. Maybe you visited Axioo office and found him by his Mac, designing things. Maybe you spotted him capturing miraculous newborn moments at hospitals, or a happy kid’s birthday under Ivan Mario’s wing. He’s been around for years!   

We’re delighted to have Keefe here. His jokes are always funny. He’s always a pleasure to talk with. We guess that’s why he easily makes people (and kids) comfortable around him. He’s everybody’s best friend.

Often, he shows us pictures of his baby son, Jayden. He tells us sweet anecdotes behind his pictures, like how he takes it after his son can sit for the first time. Being a new father, he feels that his son is growing so fast.  

His warmth, his passion for photography, and his ability to connect with people are just what we’re looking for from a baby photographer.  

We are so proud of him! We’re excited to see his next works. In the meantime, enjoy a gallery of his photos. We hope you love it as much as we do.

With love,

Baby Axioo

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