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I never saw him coming
The Pre-Wedding of Johanes & Jessica by Will
Nov 2017

Our love is unexpected. I never saw it coming. I never expected to be in the relationship. Nevertheless, it’s the best relationship ever.

I’m a firm believer of friendship before love, like that Jason Mraz song, “It’s lucky to be in love with my best friend.” Hahahaha. My ex-boyfriends are my ex-best friends. So, usually when a total stranger randomly ask for my number, I escaped from the room.

Cindra is the exception.

When he asked if he can get to know me deeper, I couldn’t say no although I didn’t know anything about him.

After 2 months of getting to know each other, we’re officially boyfriend-girlfriend. Again, not like the others before him, I doubted saying yes to be a girlfriend even after many monthssssss of trying to win my heart.

Right after we started dating, I left for an internship in a different city. I must confess: LDR is one of my biggest weaknesses and I was ready to let this journey end.

I didn’t know how. Cindra can keep me beside him after a year of LDR.

A month after I’m back to Surabaya, exactly 10 minutes after 2017, he proposed. My heart said yes but my brain said are you crazy. I used to have years of relationship but I still didn’t have this faith like I have in Cindra. Just in 15 months, I can say YES to spend my forever with him.

Now, a month before our wedding day, I can tell why we’re so sure of each other. Sure, we’re so different (I’m so emotional and he’s so logical– never expected to choose this kind of person for the rest of my life), but he always make sure that I get what I want, just like how he let me choose Axioo for our pre-wedding photography, making my high school wedding dream come true. He knew my dream and he made it came true.

Anyway, it was a superb pre-wedding photo session with Will! I’m still thrilled to see the result and the photo album.



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