Videography : She Said Yes
Through the Storm
The Prewedding of Audi & Vieza by AXIOO
Nov 2017

We first met in Sydney. Although it wasn’t love at the first sight, Sydney was where our memories were made. It’s where he used to ask me out, then hold my hands when we walk on the sidewalks. It’s where our friendship blossomed into love. Years later, we’re back here in Sydney to shoot our pre-wedding pictures and videos. It’s so great to be back to the place where it all began.

Even somewhere warm and sunny like Sydney has its share of random rain and thunderstorm. We expected sunny days, but mother nature had other plans for us.

When we’re about to pose, rain started to drip and before long, the sky poured buckets. We ran for shelter to under one of the giant cliffs next to Opera House, then we dried ourselves while waiting for the rain to stop.

After we caught our breaths, we decided to make the best of our situation – it was either that or wait for things to blow over. The photographer Aha insisted to take a picture by the water, so we all braved the rain and storm. It was freezing. Aha asked Audi & I to hold tight to each other so we wouldn’t blow away. My dress was getting really wet and caught the high winds many times. However, despite the weather the shoot itself was lovely and funny! The final result was definitely worth the wet and risk, and it’s an image that we’ll all cherish forever.

I used to worry about the weather because it plays a massive part in the natural lighting and pictures, but I realized that the best thing to do is just to embrace, roll with it and try to not lose our joy. I’m glad that Audi has reassured me that everything’s going to be okay. Turned out the details of the rain had a very romantic effect on our picture. We loved it!

Although turned out the weather was not very photo-friendly, which meant no natural light / golden hours, but Aha got great crystal clear shot and the photos turned out classy and beautiful. Not only nailing the style, he also captured the essence of who we really are. He has amazing eyes for a shot that captures our mood and intimate moments as well as taking a well composed images in random places.

Best of all is his personality and his ability to put us at ease – he even made us laugh happily during the gloomy days. His passion for photography does not go unnoticed, we can’t thank him enough for everything he did and we wouldn’t have changed a thing, not even the weather.



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