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The Things You Do For Love
Enrico and Irma’s Same Day Edit by Dimar
Oct 2017

Most people think that I have a lot of holidays, being a wedding videographer. That’s not true. You have no idea how much gatherings with friends and family I have to pass because I have to work on weekends, when most weddings happened. I can’t call the day off and not show up.

Sometimes, it feels living in a different time zone with my my family and friends. Although I’m passionate in capturing moments, sometimes, as my camera roll, recording my clients celebrating love with their loved ones, I can’t help but missing a few moments with my loved ones too.

Well, I scheduled my day offs months before for little trips with my wife and daughter (we just had a really fun zoo trip). Aside from that, we normally have a few moments on weekday nights, when they’re drained from the day and me feeling recharged. A few times, I’m guilty of bugging them. Hahaha. How else would I meet them?

There’s no easy solution. We have to come up with creative things to make effort and time (easier said than done, there are lots of sacrifices). But, when we all made it, like when most of my family and friends gathered to surprise me on my birthday, I never felt happier.

The couple I recently directed, Enrico and Irma, did these 10 creative things to each other. I think we, especially if you’re on an LDR, can take a note or two.



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