Photography : Tying The Knot
The Journey of a Lifetime
The Wedding of Pierre & Susie by Adi
Oct 2017

Before we knew each other, Pierre and I took a one way flight from Sydney to London individually, both in search of something more and most importantly… something different. How were we to ever imagine that we would be making the journey of a lifetime, one that would lead us to the love of our lives.

Our mutual friend insisted Pierre to text me. Not having a clue about who he was texting, Pierre took that leap of faith and listened to his friend… and from there our story began.

When we first met, there was an instant connection. We talked for hours. It was like we had known each other our whole lives. We could see quickly that the other had a passion for life, and we were excited that we had met someone who we could potentially share an adventure of a lifetime with.

Since then, we lived an amazing couple of years in London. Our working visas were coming to an end and we weren’t quite ready to go back to Australia.

Pierre was lucky enough to get an opportunity to transfer to the city that never sleeps… New York! It was an opportunity we could not pass up.

Moving to a completely different city was exciting and tough at the same time. We had to make new friends, settled into a new apartment, and learnt how to live in one of the fastest paced cities in the world!

Naturally, the pressures of the unknown were a great test on our relationship, but it definitely helped to lay down the foundations we needed. Working through the tough times and patiently supporting each other each step of the way helped us become an unbreakable team.

Living abroad has allowed us to explore far and wide and it has helped bring us even closer together. We have been lucky enough to have lived in different cities and travelled all over the world together. From riding husky sleds in Finland, to walking on glaciers in Iceland, to swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, just to name a few!

Every couple needs to travel together because this is when you are at your most raw. The other person can see you at your most wonderful, but also at your most vulnerable state. There will be times you will be pushed to make decisions and to solve problems, and being able to do these together effectively is a true test of the relationship!

And nothing compares to discovering together and being able to share magical moments together and hold those in your memories for the rest of your life.

One of the memories we won’t ever forget is traveling across Utah and Arizona, visiting the Big 5 National Parks. It was a trip we had been wanting to do for a while.

On the second day, we were to hike to the top of a mountain called Angel’s Landing, the most dangerous hiking trails in the U.S. Pierre knew I was afraid of heights and I was anxious about the hike in the lead up to the day.

It was a terrifying ascent, with sheer drops on either side of a very narrow ridge, with only chains to grip as we made our way up to the top. I wasn’t sure if I would make it but I pushed through and after hours of climbing finally made it to the top. After taking a rest after a long and hard hike, we were about to head back down the mountain, but as I turned around, Pierre dropped to one knee and popped the question! I was glad I had made it to the top that day! It was definitely a moment we will never forget.

We knew that each other was the one as we could not and did not want to imagine a lifetime of adventure without the other.



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