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After I Do – 2 Things You Can’t Depend on Parents
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Oct 2017

After you say I do, your happily ever after starts. Although it’s all you’ve ever dreamed of and you’re high over the moon having your spouse by your side, starting a marriage life also means everything changes.

You’re not single anymore. You’re not with your parents anymore. Your thoughts and hearts are still with mom and dad, however your parents aren’t not your number one anymore. Your spouse is.

Here are 2 things you still can talk about but can’t depend on your parents:

Financial Support

For some of us, this is the first time doing grownup things, like paying house taxes or investing in multiple properties. It’s natural to be confused and consult the expert that’s willing to support you (A.K.A. mom and dad). However, keep in mind, whatever you decide, you decide together with your spouse, not with your parents.

Emotional Support

When everything goes wrong (or right), turn to your husband/wife first.

Of course, these aren’t easy for both you and your parents, especially if you are close. Your parents might be hard to let you be independent as they’ve been with you since you’re born, and then raised you for what it felt like forever. To them, you’re always be their little child.

Seeing how you put your spouse first, your parents will realize that you’re growing up and having a solid marriage. That doesn’t mean you should push your parents away. So, schedule a lot of weekend lunches and visit them on special occasions like birthdays. Seeing how you still care for them will make them realize that you still love them and, no matter what, you’re always be their child.



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