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3 Times the Blessings
Baby Johnson Portraits by William Xu
Oct 2017

Having went through the process of childbirth for 3 times, I have to say, the next one doesn’t make you less nervous. Every childbirth you feel as if it’s something new and that every baby is different. You might think that warm rush of fast and slow heart beat will only be reserved for your first bornit’s not, I’m blessed I have felt it three times over. Every child is different, but the joy is the same.

It’s not easy. To those woman who make it look like a walk in the park, I salute you in so many ways. But with that been said, there is not one least stretch mark or quiet days that I would trade for my everyday mayhem with my children. All three bring their own type of chaos and joy. In my case, I have three times more of everything—from the volume of the screams to the goodnight hugs.

I live for moments where it’s just me and my baby. My child is actually the one that makes me feel special. When my baby cries, I pick him up, and he turns silent as I rock him back and forth. He makes me feel like I’m a big part of his life for having the super power to comfort him.

As much as I would love to have an archive in my memory for every milestone that my children pass over, it is way better to have them framed so that it can be shared for years and years to come. I love being able to save these memories and to share them with love ones.

This photoshoot was filled with warm laughter and moments worth capturing, because William Xu, our photographer and brilliant creative conceptor’ put together such an easy and comfortable nuance where I had the luxury to have the pictures taken in the comfort of my own home. My newborn was just at ease because he is so good with babies. It was a lovely day from start to finish and I know the team bent over backwards to make us feel that way. As always, yes, always, Axioo team has the amazing ability to turn strangers to friends, and acquaintances to family.



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