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Inspiration: An Insider’s Wedding
The Wedding of Ricky & Nathalia by David Soong
Sep 2017

Our dear friend from Bridestory, Nathalia Isadora, just got married! We’re so delighted to be a part of one of the happiest days of her life, her wedding day.

She’s always been beautiful, but she shone really bright that day. She wore the prettiest thing a girl can wear: a smile (we’ve never seen her smiling that wide). She said, that day, every little thing flowed smoothly.

Shortly after her wedding, we talked with her. She shared a few insights on wedding preparation. We hope they would inspire you.

Did you have a dream wedding in mind?

I do have certain aesthetics that I wish to have in my wedding, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a dream. I’ve seen tremendous amounts of weddings in the industry and it made me think there’s no perfect template for it. I believe that a wedding should spell out the couple’s personality, aesthetics, and most of all, create the right ambiance so your guests could enjoy the night and feel appreciated.

Actually, I longed for a destination wedding, but circumstances didn’t allow it, thus my partner Ricky and I changed our plans. We tried to bring natural ambiance at a big wedding because we feel that ballroom weddings are too formal.

Then, we translated our vision to our wedding decoration by creating an all white museum feel at the foyer area. In the ballroom, we chose landscape style decoration. We used natural plants like ylang ylang and avoided the use of standing flowers and round-shaped flowers. We also added place-card for additional personalization for our guests.

How was your wedding preparation?

Helped by many of my work colleagues and friends, my wedding planning was, fortunately, a smooth sailing.

Can you share some tips?

I’m not a true expert at this, but I think the most important thing for every bride-to-be out there is finding the right vendors who share the same aesthetic with you—the ones you can trust and feel comfortable to talk with. Then, everything will flow just fine, you won’t need to fuss on all the little details. It will help you would enjoy your moments.  

Technically speaking, everything went well!

How did you feel that day?

My wedding day is one of the happiest days in my life. Some brides get agitated and nervous on their wedding day, but I felt grateful and happy to be surrounded by so many people, friends and vendors whom I have known and worked with before on my wedding day. They helped to make me feel relaxed throughout the day, so I could enjoy every moment.

Despite all the big party and even crazier after party, my favorite moment of my wedding would still be our wedding ceremony in which we said our vows to each other.

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