Photography : She Said Yes
An Icy Day and A Late Proposal
Pre-Wedding of Steven & Agnes by Dre
Sep 2017

We thought 6 degrees Celsius was warmer. So, I wore a gown with thin leggings inside and  Steven only wore thin shirt and coat. On the first day of the photoshoot, the cold wind blew so hard that we had a hard time getting out from the car. Steven’s hands stiffened that he could not properly button his shirt. Unfortunately, we had to walk for quite a distance from to reach the location of the photo. We immediately covered ourselves with everything we had at that moment: gloves, scarves, hats.

Afterwards, between photoshoots, when the photographer was about to take some pictures, suddenly, Steven pulled out his phone, played Christina Perry’s A Thousand Years, and sang the first sentence. He forgot the rest of the lyric. I couldn’t believe that he proposed at that moment. I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know what to do.

Later, Steven told me that, actually, he’s positive about my answer since I’m fine with flying to the other side of the world to take pre-wedding pictures with him. He thought the song was perfect. But, still, he was so nervous! He couldn’t remember the lyric perfectly, so he downloaded the song on his phone. Just in case.

When the song ended, we burst into laughter. Steven’s proposal was a little too late, but at that very moment, we knew that we would tell this funny story to their future children and grandchildren.

Aside from his proposal, the cold weather makes Iceland memorable too. We are grateful to leave Iceland with wonderful memories and even more incredible pictures. Not only knowing the right angles, our photographer Dre was very helpful and very funny. Plus, he shared inspiring things about life as well. He’s the complete package. Good job, Dre!  



Location :  Iceland

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