Photography : Portraiture
Beauty Portraits by Fen
Sep 2017

Your eyes sparkle when you speak up your dreams, but, deep down, you don’t know if your dreams are already found as you’re constantly running through your never ending life.

Your responsibilities are sky high. You have so much on your plate that you are forgetting that happiness is already there. You just have to slow down to taste it instead of wasting your precious time chasing success and wealth.

Maybe money is just paper. Maybe the stars are where it starts. Maybe the stars form a map that connects our life with our hearts. Maybe we are just waiting to sparkle in the night sky and connect with another stargazer.

Maybe it’s fine to pause a moment.

Maybe while you’re going after your dreams, you forget to have fun.

Remember that the Author of our life created the twinkling stars to show you how tiny they look from down here and how it brightens the darkest sky.  

As you go through life, maybe you experience some darkness where you don’t know where to go and what to do. Sometimes the best thing to is just to pause for a while, look back, and see that some of your dreams came true. See? You made it this far. You shine brighter than you thought.

So, believe in your sparkle. Don’t let the darkness dim it. Never stop fighting. Never give up.

Last but not least, remember to smile and celebrate.

Keep shining, night thinkers.



P.S. to all my gorgeous girls, thank you for being my muses!