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She’s Brave to Love
The Wedding of Abraham & Melisa by Will
Aug 2017

When Abram proposed, Melisa was so scared that she couldn’t control her expression. She was afraid that she’s not completely healthy. She was afraid that she couldn’t be a strong wife for him.




After the long storm, that morning, the sun shone a little brighter, the clouds thickened with anticipation, and the waves of laughter were heard a little louder.


That particular day, Abram, Melisa, and a couple close friends escaped from tight deadlines to stay in a friend’s house. They, being designers and photographers, had fun taking pictures with Melisa, who just finished her 17th radiation treatment to fight her cancer, or at least that’s what Melisa thought.


Abram and Melisa were doing funny poses when Abram suddenly proposed. Abram was on his knees, hands holding a small wooden box which was carved with a question Melisa, will you marry me? When he opened it, a simple diamond ring gleamed inside.


The world zoomed in to only the two of them. Their friends’ loud cheers faded out in their ears. Both of them couldn’t speak a single word.


Melisa was so scared that she couldn’t control her expression. She was afraid that she’s not completely healthy. She was afraid that she couldn’t be a strong wife for him. Her tears started dropping.


Abram, on the other hand, looked at her with a mix of love and determination. It’s almost like he’s saying I love you. I want to fight with you. We must be strong. Giving up is not an option.




Abram believes nothing can break their love, “We have committed to walk together with God all our lives.”


They’re so compatible with each other that they must’ve been soulmates. The way they look at the world, their love for music, the time they like to come to the office, down their gadget choice–everything about them is similar. Every quality on their lists, even the forgotten ones, were ticked.


However, their different ethnicities and religions didn’t tick their parents’ list of ideal son and daughter in-laws. That’s why they knew a tough journey is ahead of them. They had no idea the journey is going to be harder.

Location : Bali

Out of the blue, Melisa showed signs of sickness. Abam and his close friends thought it could lead to something serious, so they secretly booked her a doctor appointment.

Unfortunately, they were right. Melisa was diagnosed with lymphoma hodgkin, a type of cancer that weakened her body’s immunity system. On top of that, 6 cm tumor was found near her lungs.


Melisa was immediately put into series of treatments, some treatments took her to other countries for a month. The second chemotherapy was the hardest. Every nerve from head to toe was painful that even chewing food feels like a torture.


Abam caressed her back, then played guitar until Melisa felt better and fell asleep. When her body was finally strong enough, Abam took a day off and took her traveling out of town.


“We make time for each other. Even though we’ve known each other for so long, there’s still so much we have to learn and so much we have to understand each other’s situation,” Melisa said.  


It took 8 chemotherapies,17 radiation treatments, and a thousand supports from the people close to her heart, which was her best medicine, to defeat cancer (for good–they hoped).


Despite everything, they’ve made it this far. Not long after the battle is won, Abram couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his days with Melisa, so he proposed.


Sure, they have committed to each other from before they’re officially dating. However, marriage is a whole another level.  


Melisa was scared, but she said yes. She understood that bravery is not an absence of fear. Bravery is the acceptance of the hard situation she’s in. Bravery is Abram staying, supporting, and believing she can be strong. Bravery is the war she fought despite the pain. Bravery is the steps she takes towards him to the altar despite not knowing what the future holds.


Melisa was brave, so she said yes.



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