Photography : Tying The Knot
The Wedding of Alvin & Felicia
by Dre
May 2017

Before any photo session, whether it’s a pre-wedding or a wedding, I make it a point to get to know my clients first to get our chemistry in sync. In Alvin and Felicia’s case, however, it was hardly necessary. The way they interact is so special and so heartwarming to watch. Conversations with them seemed to flow and I found myself really enjoying the stories they were telling me. The most memorable story they told was about how they met.

Alvin and Felicia didnt hit it off right away. They don’t even remember how they met for the first time. It was blurry, but they just know that they met through work. Their boss had assigned them to work together on a big project and that’s how the got to talking. After a while of getting to know each other, they felt that they were right for each other. Felicia could not explain why. She said, We just feel it. Then, Alvin introduced her to his parents, and one random day, out of the bue, Alvin felt it was time to ask to her to be his wife. Felicia said yes.

To capture their wedding day was a real treat for me. Seeing the pictures, I can feel their love and happiness. I imagined Alvin and Felicia smiling, going through the picture and reliving their wedding day, the day when they became one.
Photo courtesy of Alvin and Felicia


Location : Jakarta

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