I Love You Furry Much
Coco & Lulu feat. Richard & Shalvynne by Fen
May 2017

Coco and Lulu are the jealous types. When one of them thinks I love one of them more, the other one gets mad. One time, I was so tired that I slept on a sofa, coincidentally near Coco. Lulu ran from the farthest corner of the room, jumped, and landed on Coco’s body, possessively asking Coco to leave me alone with her. Being the good bigger sister, Coco gave her spot up. 

Well, my love for them is equal. Unfortunately, sometimes, they don’t know what. They need reassurance. So, I have to show them both by that I care for them equally or one of them will get mad, usually by pretending by not hearing me when I call her. When I get home and they run to greet me, I have to call and pet them both at the same time.  

Coco and Lulu are also the understanding types. On normal days, they play and run around the house. When I don’t feel well, they would accompany me all day. They would stay so close to me that I can feel their fur and their tiny heartbeats on my skin. It feels like Lulu and Coco can feel my pain and they would be willing sacrifice their fun activities to take care of me. That’s so sweet of them. 

Everyday with Coco and Lulu is memorable!




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