Photography : She Said Yes
Okkar & Khine by Ivan
Feb 2017

When I took these pictures of Okkar and Khine in London, I couldn’t help but notice how her face lit up every time she looked up at the fiance. I love watching their chemistry. Their big day is coming up and I imagine that in the midst of all the hassle of wedding planning, this little getaway was complete bliss. I think that a bit of traveling together before the big day should be made a mandatory thing. Not only is it good to distance yourself from the piles of to-do before the big day, if you think about it, marriage and travel actually have many things in common. 


Both in marriage and travel, there is a process of ongoing change. Sometimes we need to set the itinerary and stick to the schedule, but sometimes we need to take detours. Along the way we might find something, or we might even lose something. The sight may be very beautiful for a week, but then it could be very boring and even sickening for the next couple of days. 


Travel also has a way of bringing out the real you. Just like in marriage. You cannot hide your worst character yet you can be really good to and for each other. Travel always offers unexpected challenges: a missed flight, a lost wallet, or a frustration of language barrier, to name a few, that provides opportunities that bring out the real you. It’s the same with marriage. Challenges will come knocking at your door every day and there’s no way you can run away from them. Instead, you need to face it head on, hand in hand with your partner. You have to get each others backs and compromise on things.


Marriage is a lifelong journey; it’s not the destination. So, instead of wondering when you’ll get there, it’s better to just enjoy the journey. But don’t worry, whenever you feel trapped and bored in the routines of married life, you could always ask your spouse to take some time off together and go travel the world for a little bit of excitement.


Go on a trip somewhere together before you say I do . It’s going to do you a lot of good. 





Location : London

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