What Birthdays Mean To Me
Kumiko Beauty Portraits by Fen
Jan 2017

What does a birthday mean to you? To me, a birthday isn’t just about  being surprised by our loved ones with a party. It isn’t about having a table full of cakes and pretty decoration on it or an occasion to be ridiculously spoiled rotted and showered with gifts. Instead a birthday is about looking back with gratitude for the incredible blessings we have received for a whole year and about looking forward with renewed hope. It is about celebrating a new chance to be slightly more wiser and a lot more awesome. 

Birthday’s are great opportunities to re-think our lives. Are we living in a messy book with random chapters and inconsistent pages? Then it’s the time to be the book we’ve always wanted to read. Are we stumped with our growth, like a plant with not enough water? Then we need to move. We aren’t plants anyway, we can always go out to stand under the rain. Start fresh. Be the best version of yourself. Be more accepting and understanding. Be more tolerant. Be more caring and loving.

Be more thankful. 

To me, a birthday is a great reminder of Gods love for us. As I get older, I always find that He is always faithful. His grace and His mercy is always enough. No matter what I am going through, on my birthday, I always feel overwhelmed by His love for me and I’m grateful for the life that I have been given. I feel empowered to do more, to reach higher, to dream bigger – not because I am unsatisfied, but I want to do it because it is a privilege to live everyday in His love. 

That is what birthday’s mean to me. What do birthday’s mean to you?



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