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A Lasting Relationship
Jodie & Gladys by David Soong
Jan 2017

There are two parts of a wedding that I truly love. The first one is the vow. The second is the gratitude speech from the bride and groom to their parents. I am always touched by the exchange of words in between these two segments of a wedding and I constantly feel like I get emotionally carried away. Especially during the part where the bride and groom ask for blessings from their parents. Man oh man, I just can’t keep it together sometimes. 

We’re in a time where everyone is fighting for their independence. Individual achievements is highly acknowledged and personal strengths are commended. We often forget that we are of a collective culture that values extended families. You know, the more the merrier. And we believe that the blessing of parents and family is important and could just be the recipe to a long lasting relationship.

Some tend to forget that when they marry, they are not only marrying one person, but they are marrying the whole family too. Marriage is the coming together of two families. When you marry, you must love not only your spouse, but their parents who birthed, raised, nurtured, even struggled for them. You must give your heart to them and their siblings, their parents, their grandparents – and basically everyone who have contributed into their lives. You aren’t just marrying one lovely person – you are marrying the whole clan.

The union of two families with different backgrounds, habits, traditions, and lifestyle is no simple matter. The key is having enough sincerity and love. You have to understand that their family will be your family as well. You have the responsibility of taking care the two fathers and two mothers, share the love and time to both sides. It is your responsibility as a married couple. No matter how hard is, to creating family harmony is possible and it’s very much worth the effort. Don’t ever give up!

As you prepare for your wedding, I encourage you to find it in your hearts to practice loving your future spouses family as well as your own. Make those two parts of your wedding truly the most heartfelt moments of the day, because on that special day, nothing would be more important than the promise you make to each other and the blessings you receive from your family. 





Location : Jakarta , Indonesia.

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