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True Friends
Hian Tjen & Friends by AXIOO
Dec 2016

When you list your gratitude, what are you most grateful for? For victories? For moments that put a smile on your face? For family? For financial breakthrough? Among the endless possibilities of the things to be grateful for, are your friends in it? The people who are always there for when you need them and more importantly, even when you don’t.

The ones who are always ready to wipe your tears, make you warm, and make you stop thinking about tomorrow fears. The ones who listen to your stories without judgement. The ones who don’t have to call or text you every day, telling how much they care because their effort and action have already shown you that. The ones who always believe in you, support you, even you are doubting yourself. The ones who don’t only love you because of what’s right with you, but they love you for who you are. They know your blind spots, your flaws, your weaknesses, your scars and all. But, they always encourage you to be the best version of you while still understanding your fragility as a human. They are not afraid to tell you what they think, even if it hurts.

Because they love you. They never give up on you. When you look back to the journey you have passed, I hope that you will remember some of your closest friends that will always be there for you. Be thankful for each one of them and keep being a good friend.

This photo session was requested by Hian Tjen, a talented designer and a great friend, as a token of gratitude for the ones that are always there for him – his friends. It’s a picture of his happiness in one frame. Friendship has always helped him to find important things when he has lost them: smile, hope, courage.




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