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The Real Gift
Jonathan Ricardo Baby Portraits by Herna
Dec 2016

Christmas always reminds us of the birth of a Savior two thousand years ago into this world. He came to give hope for all mankind who can freely accept salvation and eternal life for everyone who believe in Him. That’s why every year, when we celebrate Christmas, we can feel the atmosphere of joy fill the world as a sign that we already received the good news. Christmas is about celebrating a birthday, and as a tradition, someone who celebrates his birthday should be receiving a gift from someone who loves him, right? However, how did we make this season about presents for ourselves? Why are we the ones who are always expecting gifts? Why aren’t we giving the gifts, but receiving them instead? 

Even on the day that He was born, He has already given this world the best present – Himself. Christmas serves as a reminder of Gods grace, of His undying love for us, of His gift to us. Christmas is never about what or how much we receive; it’s about how much we can give. That is the true meaning of Christmas.

Let’s have a slightly different view on our Christmas this year. Instead of dreaming of the presents under the tree waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning, let’s think about how we can be the real gift to our loved ones, to everyone around us, to our family. Let’s become a gift that’s not wrapped in beautiful packaging on the outside, but one that will delight the hearts of everyone who receive it. Let’s become the gift for the One who has given everything for us. And the best gift we can ever give is our hearts and our lives. 

Merry Christmas everyone!



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