Photography : Tying The Knot
Yonas & Wendy
The Wedding by Will
Dec 2016

Have you made your #gratitude list? As this year is coming to an end, I started jotting down mine. The biggest one naturally made it first on the list: I’m grateful for family, for my friends, and for friends that have become family. I’m grateful for my job that allows me to explore my passion more deeply, to sharpen my God-given talent on a daily basis, and to go around the world to see just how great God really is. This year has been an incredibly fulfilling year for me. I am privileged to experience Gods goodness in my life and to be a witness of the great things He’s capable of doing. However, in the light of that greatness, I have found gratitude in the smaller things – the micro, the usual, the otherwise easily overlooked moments because its less flashy. I have jotted those down in my #gratitude list this year. 

The most recent entry on my list was the wedding in a winery in San Jose that I got to be a part of, the wedding of Yonas and Wendy. This particular intimate outdoor affair is memorable to me for three main reasons: 

1) this was the first time I have ever covered a wedding in the US and it was the first time I ever visited San Jose, 

2) as the sun went down and the sunset began to fade, I felt small in the midst of Gods greatness as the twinkling lights spread across the clear skies, and 

3) I learned that given the right atmosphere and a personalized touch, even an intimate gathering can be an incredible celebration. 

Okay, so maybe this wedding wasn’t micro or usual. And it’s certainly impossible for me to overlook it. But I hope you get my point. Gratitude isn’t always the big things. Sometimes its the small, intimate moments that is likely to stick in your memory for a really long time. 

Here’s to an even more fulfilling year in 2017!





Location : San Jose

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