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Christmas Comfort
Creamy Comfort Christmas Catalog by Herna
Dec 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and everyone at the whimsical world of Creamy Comfort sings, Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t know?

The world of Creamy Comfort has always been a magical land filled with chocolate covered trees, sugar paved roads, and comfort at every turn. But during this season, everything is white with icing sugar as snow, pine trees covered with gingerbread ornaments, and the warmth of family in a home filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies – basically the best our house will smell all year. We love everything about this season.

Especially for and inspired by our favorite season of the year, we have created a series of Christmas cakes – made with the dedication to premium ingredients, a pinch of passion, and a whole lot of love. Whiskey Hazelnut, Peppermint Eggnog, Choco and Rum, Sparkling Raspberry, and White Chocolate, Toffee Nut Latte all our Christmas cakes encourage the spirit of Christmas within every forkful. And it comes in the most adorable and pretty box too! 

Additionally, the build memories that will last a lifetime within this wonderful season, we have also created Gingerbread Kits, a package that comes with a set of items for you to build gingerbread houses, trains and characters of your own. Each box consists of gingerbread cookie panels, Christmas characters, colourful candy assortment, and decorative icings. You don’t need to bake it. It’s all ready for you to assemble, decorate, and turn into your very own gingerbread house. The best part is that you can even eat it too! This project is the perfect Christmas project because we have teamed with Wahana Visi Indonesia to help build an early childhood education center for the children in Sambas, West Kalimantan. A portion of the profit from the gingerbread kits goes towards this cause. 

I hope that you’d come away with us on this festive season on a delicious adventure through the merry world of Creamy Comfort and to build your gingerbread kits so you can help the children in Sambas by building their childhood. (For more information, visit our Instagram page: @creamycomfort)

From our home to yours, we want to wish you a merry Christmas.




(Founder of Creamy Comfort)


We’d like to thank our beautiful muses from the bottom of our hearts, Julie Taslim & Rara and Cecil Xu & Jose.

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