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See A Little Different
Alfian & Maya by Dre
Dec 2016

One of my favorite things to do, every time the year is coming to a close, is to get on the train of thoughts to the things I’ve done. I usually take out albums stored in old hard disks, to see the work that I have done, the places that I have visited, and all the moments I had the privilege to enjoy. That train of thought took me to the pre-wedding album of Alfian and Maya that was taken a while back in Melbourne. 

Truth be told, the art capital of Australia, never made it to my list of favorite cities in the world. Although I loved its distinct vibes that is always welcoming and the warmth that embraces everyone who visits, I didn’t find much to explore. Quite honestly, I don’t usually jump around in excitement at the thought of shooting in Melbourne. I have a list that already made at the back of my mind of all the iconic locations I will be shooting at – the Brighton beach huts, the grafitti wall, the state library, just to name a few – and I know that I can take pictures on auto-pilot, with my eyes closed, just like *that*. Just like many other photographers before me. Just like what I have done before.

Can you imagine how boring that would be? Not only would I be bored during the entire trip, I knew I’d be delivering mediocre work just because of it. Luckily, I woke up to this realization quickly. This was not me. And I wouldn’t let boredom cramp my style! So, I got back to work. Before we left for Melbourne, I had already researched the places and I tried to acquaint myself with the locations. I tried to imagine being there to see if I could actually see the places from different angles. And when I was actually in the city, I managed to take these pictures of Alfian and Maya that not only made me happy, but hopefully didn’t make this loving couple regret choosing me to capture their story in the city that is so special to them.  

A different angle, thats all we need. To fight boredom, to get out of a rut, to solve problems, to make breakthroughs, to gain a little perspective sometimes – maybe, most of the time – all we need is to move a little farther or dig a little deeper or climb a little higher just so we can see the situation we are in from a different angle. The view will be different and most likely be more rewarding.

My train of thoughts took me to that one particular lesson in life this week. Where has yours taken you?





Location  : Melbourne

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