Photography : She Said Yes
Beautiful Maluku
Charlos & Nana by Dre
Oct 2016

There are places that overwhelm me with amazement for Gods work and make me feel small in light of His creation – those are places that brings me closer to nature. Then there are places that make me beam with pride and fill me with gratitude – and those are places that bring me closer to the natural landscapes of my country, Indonesia.

One of those places is the Maluku islands – the original spice islands, a hidden, almost undiscovered gem, with dreamy beaches, spectacular reefs against a backdrop of lush mountains. Where below there waters surface lies a world so mesmerizing, decorated with world-class coral gardens and the regular – yet rare to the rest of the world – sightings of resident marine species, including the largest fish on earth known as the whale shark. Yes – the underwater world surrounding the Maluku island is breathtakingly beautiful, but I know that (through my photographer eyes), the white sandy beaches have truly captured my heart.

Charlos is from Maluku. And so, when he suggested that he and Nana head back to his hometown for their pre-wedding session, I supported them without any hesitation. Because more than knowing that it is a beautiful place, I also know that it is a beautiful place that is somewhat undiscovered and that there is a huge chance that we will be able to shoot series of pictures without the crowds in the background.

I loved being in Maluku. I loved being on the island. I loved feeling overwhelmed by Gods goodness and pride for my country the whole time I was there. And I truly loved how these pictures turned out. The breathtaking natural beauty makes for a beautiful backdrop to this love story. Don’t you think so?



Location : Maluku

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