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Jasslyn Portraits by AXIOO
Oct 2016

Fall for someone who completes you. When you find that special someone, you will know, because you will feel complete.

How do you feel after reading that sentence? It sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Well, actually, it isn’t.

When you looking for your other half who you think is going to magically complete you, what you are doing is denying your own potential of being an already whole woman or human being. Your wholeness can’t be measured by other people, but yourself. Being whole doesn’t come when you’re dating a rich man who makes a luxurious living; it doesn’t come when you are married and have a family either; and being complete doesn’t come when your spouse surprise you and whisper I love you . You are whole because you know how valuable you are. That’s the only way of being complete. You are in change of making yourself complete. Not anyone else. Not your boyfriend or husband, no matter how great they may be. It is through ones complete sense of self and working on yourself, will you ever feel complete.

Being whole isn’t an outside job; it is an inside job.

When you are looking for someone who will complete you, you will be disappointed. A relationship should be like two full glasses. If one glass is only half full, the other cup will have to keep on filling it. Soon, that other cup will run empty. A truly happy relationship consists of two people who would truly be perfectly fine on their own, but choose to be together anyway because they can’t imagine not having that person to share their lives with.

Here’s what you need to remind yourself of, whether you’re single or in a committed relationship. Only you can complete yourself. If you aren’t happy, if you don’t feel like you’re worthy or complete when you’re single, you will feel the same way even when you’re in a relationship, even those serious enough to be married. You are a whole person who is complete on your own. You don’t need anyone else to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely. The best recipe for being whole is to be grateful of your life and fill your heart, mind and body with a positive things.



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