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Follow Your Heart
Chris & Gabriella by Will
Oct 2016

True love stands the test of time, distance, and absence, making it grow stronger. Difficult times only mean that loves roots will grow deeper!

I don’t believe in love that hasn’t been tested. How can you trust love that hasn’t weathered through anything but the good? How would you know that it will last? How would you know if it’s even love at all and not a mere attraction or blind infatuation? Committing to love that hasn’t been tested yet is like baking a cake with a recipe that hasn’t been tried out yet. You’ll have no idea how it will turn out.

I am in a long distance relationship. It has been for a few years now. I moved into the city a few years ago to pursue my studies then a career in photography, while my girlfriend stayed in our hometown. Although I’m relieved that we’ll finally end our long distance relationship journey when we’re married, I’m glad that we actually did it, because I think loving from a distance is the perfect way to test trust between two persons and the relationship itself. I believe that when love has survived the distance, the absence, the time difference, and other forms of exams, then love is true.

The test has not been easy for either of us. There were times when even technology couldn’t cure the lonely nights or straighten out a misunderstanding. There were times when our hearts were farther than the distance between us. However, we intentionally pulled ourselves closer before we could ever drift apart and we rooted our hearts into each others so that our love can grow deeper. Do I know how the rest of our lives are going to play out in the future? I don’t think anyone can say for certain. However, I’ve gotten a glimpse and I feel pretty good about it. Follow your heart because when your heart is in it, no amount of distance or time or absence will ever break you.

Trading stories with Chris and Gabrielle during our trip to Europe was really special. Chris met Gaby when he coached her basketball team back in middle school. They kept in touch and after getting together, a few years later, Gaby continued her studies in London while Chris stayed back in their hometown. They talked about long, winding, and bumpy roads and told me about how they’re so relieved to finally see a light at the end of their long distance relationship tunnel. Soon, they will be together and no distance will ever come between them again.

Thanks for sharing your stories with me, Chris and Gaby, and congratulations on whats ahead of you!




Location : Europe

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