A Bride & Her Bridesmaids
Olivia Lazuardy & Bridesmaids Portraits by Fen Soong
Jul 2016

So you’ve decided on the man you want to stand at the altar (and to spend the rest of your life) with. Then comes the next big question: Who will stand there with you? You’ve got so many friends and they’re all available to be your bridesmaids. How will you ever choose just one or two or even five to stand there with you? 

To choose the bridesmaids to stand with you on the biggest day of your life is an exciting, heartwarming, yet somewhat tricky affair. There is no right or wrong, no specific rules set in stone, and it can be really, really confusing. But it’s not impossible. Let me share with you two things that can help you out:

Choose the ones who make you happy. Your wedding will be an emotional event for you and you need to realize that this day is about you. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who can make you happy and who will help you take your stresses away. Choose the ones you want to have around you through every step of your wedding planning journey. 

Choose the ones who can be responsible. A bridesmaid isn’t just someone who stands beside you in a pretty dress – they’ve got responsibilities too. In fact, they play quite an important role. Consider choosing the ones who can console you, comfort you, help you out and have a whole lot of fun with you too. 

I hope that you’ll find the perfect bridesmaids to stand with you on the biggest day of your lives! 



Thanking our friends at Lightworks Jakarta for yet another awesome collaboration. 

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