Photography : She Said Yes
Lifelong Learner of Love
Henry & Florence by Donny Wu
Jun 2016

Most people associate learning with formal education, like getting a diploma, a certificate, or a degree in school. We all believe that a formal education and the resulting qualifications are important. But while education may maximize our potential to find better job, be more successful in our careers and perhaps – and hopefully – earn more, I believe that knowledge can be acquired and developed anywhere because learning in unavoidable and it happens all the time – as long as you allow yourself to learn. I believe that lifelong learning is about creating and maintaining a positive attitude to learning, for both personal and professional advancements. When we have the mindset for continuous learning, we enhance our understanding of the world around us and it can provide us with more opportunities to improve our quality of life. 

I choose to continuously learn at my job – not only because I have seen the benefit of it for my professional development, I have also seen the benefit of it to my personal development. And how do I do that? By keeping my eyes and ears open. 

By observing my mentors at work, by seeing how they work, and by listening to their advices, I learn to become a better photographer. By keeping an attitude of not being afraid to experiment, I challenge myself to try new things and to acquire new skills. Through the friendship I built with them, I have the privilege to listen to them share their life stories and most of all, their hearts. And that’s probably the most valuable learning of all. 

My learning doesn’t stop there because I don’t only learn from my colleagues at work. I also learn volumes from the people I work with. Wedding organizers, venue managers, stylists, makeup artists, and especially the clients. Yes, I can learn about a lot of things from them; not only the things that can make me become a better photographer, but also things that make me become a better person. 

Every time they’d tell their stories and share their hearts with me, I automatically turn on my eyes to see, my ears to hear and my heart to understand. I get ready to learn. I never take those opportunities for granted because I know that I will always be blessed. 

In the making of this album of Henry and Florence, I have applied a lot of the learning I received from my mentors. I feel like I have developed and achieved a new level of professional betterment. And I remember that during the time I spent with Henry and Florence to make it, I learned a lot from the couple too, about love and relationships and how to make it work. 

You see, learning isnt just about the knowledge you acquired at school. In fact, beyond the four walls of formal education, you can find so much more to improve your quality of life. 




Location : Bali

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