Photography : She Said Yes
Story and Chemistry
Kitto & Jess by Aha
Apr 2016

I remember that on the day of Kitto and Jesss pre-wedding session, my heart grew one size bigger. It swelled just by watching them. And it wasn’t because of anything major. In fact, I simply watched him let her take a power nap in the car just because he thought she looked slightly exhausted. I can understand that to some people, that tiny little gesture might not mean anything, but to me, it spoke volumes about how much he loves and cares for her.
It’s sad that men or grooms-to-be often get overlooked during the pre-wedding sessions. While it’s true that the bride’s-to-be often assume control over the concepts as they decide what dress they should wear and which location they should head to, contrary to popular opinion, the men play an equally important part. People think that pre-weddings focus on the women, but actually, that’s not even close. The main focus of the pre-wedding session is the story a couple has and the chemistry they share. It isn’t about the gown or the dress or the pose or even the breathtaking location. No, no, no a pre-wedding session is about their story.
I often think that stories are best derived when the couple does everything on their own. Even when it’s not uncommon for parents or sisters or even friends to tag along on a pre-wedding session, the couple who uses the pre-wedding session as an opportunity to bond further with each other, in private (except for the photographer), not feeling like they’re putting on a show in front of everyone, turns the session into sweet memories. More than the stunning wardrobe and the pretty sceneries in the background, the experience becomes a story they want to cherish for the rest of their lives.
Now, how do they turn this into a story worth remembering? Lets just take cues from Kitto and Jess. Not only did they manage to do just that, they also turned this into a memorable experience even for me. During their pre-wedding session, they were alone. Aside from me and my assistants, they were all each other had. They did everything together. She laid out their clothes, he steamed it. She put the plans together, he put the timelines in check. She kept his tummy full, he kept her comfortable. And within that time they were working together to make the pre-wedding session work, they made a memorable story. They made decisions together, they got tired together, they laughed together. Through all of that, I saw just how much they loved and cared for each other. That’s the story right there.
You see, a pre-wedding session never focusses on just the pretty girl or the handsome man. It actually focusses on their story and the chemistry they share. And more than the awesome shots I could take during that time, to capture their story in my camera is still the greatest honor to me.


Location : Bali

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