Fairy Tale Kinda Love
Jennifer's Portraits by Fen Soong
Apr 2016

Have you ever noticed that fairy tales always have a happy ending? The Beautiful Princess falls for her Prince Charming and they live happily ever after.

In fairy tales, the struggle always occurs before the romance. Cinderella, single and alone, struggled to survive under the hatred of her step-mother. Snow White, hid in the forest amongst the seven dwarves, in hopes to save her life from the evil witch. Beauty, who was held captive in the enchanted castle, waited patiently for that true loves kiss that will break the spell and wake her her from eternal slumber. Each one of these fairy-tale princesses struggled, waited, and hoped And so it is in fairy tales; first comes the struggle, then comes the romance, and poof – the happily ever after

Fairy tales always offer a suggestion that all problems and pains will magically disappear when true love enters the picture. Although it has set up many young singles to hope, it has also caused a great despair.

Although it’s easy to imagine a world of bliss and happily ever after, we forget that marriage, in majority, is about routine ordinary moments wrapped up in an extraordinary commitment. Marriage is all about the day to day choices – choosing love over selfishness, keeping the peace of being right, and having intimacy instead of control. Marriage is about striving for faithfulness and resisting temptation. It is the day in day out of two people learning to love in a way that they never imagined they could, in a way they hardly know how to do.

Relationships were meant to bring companionship, friendship, and a great love, but they were never meant to be our happily ever after. Relationships can’t solve our problems, or heal our wounds, or fulfil all our hopes because they were never made to do that. They don’t even have the capacity to. It’s a myth to think that all struggles will be lost in the true love kiss because the truth is that struggles will always be a part of our lives.

While we are a part of this world, we will always be exposed to the consequences of temptations, sin and pain. Most temptations are for us to run from not to face it. Indeed, we are broken people who reflect a broken world. But far above earthly love, there is a God who longs to embrace you in His loving and eternal arms; a God who wants to show you that there is so much more to your story than the happy ending of romance. Gods plans and purposes for your life include your love life, but even more exciting, they exceed your love life.

True love is not the end of your story. it is only the beginning, a glimpse of something more. Don’t sell yourself short on your happily ever after, open up your dreams and allow God to let in so much more. For the broken hearted, please take heart, don’t give up, know that God thinks you are to die for. Learn to see yourself through His eyes. You are beautiful.



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