Shine Bright
Nabila Syakieb Portraits by Fen
Mar 2016

I’ve always been a big city girl. I love being surrounded by the light. It makes me comfortable. I can turn left and right and see lights all around me. But I can’t look up and see the stars. Sometimes they’ll appear behind the clouds and show me a twinkle, but the times that happened can be counted by my fingers.

I am writing this on my balcony and when I looked up, there isn’t a star in sight!

It’s so much different than what I had seen on my adventure in South Africa. We were driving from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and we pulled over for reasons I now can’t remember. I remember getting out of the car with goosebumps all over me as I stepped into pitch black darkness. I remember the crazy thoughts that crossed my mind and my imagination that ran wild – every thriller movie I’ve ever watched felt like it was about to happen to me right then and there.

The dark felt frightening. The only source of light came from the headlights of our car. But it was at that moment that I chose to have up to the sky and saw a million stars. It was a beautiful tapestry of lights. Bright lights. And in that light, my fears subsided. I wasn’t scared anymore. We stopped our car. We turned off the headlights. And we sat on the roof of our car, just to gaze upon the stars.

Most of the time, we need to be in complete darkness to really see the stars.

And the same goes for you. You are the star. When there’s no light to be found, when you find yourself completely in the dark, that’s when you will shine. Even brighter than before.

Your story isn’t over in the dark. In fact, its just the beginning. Whatever you are facing, don’t let it dim your light. Use the darkness instead, to make you shine brighter than you’ve ever imagined.

With light and love,


In collaboration with Lightworks

Dress by Yogie Pratama

Make up & Hairdo by Priscilla Myrna

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