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Just being a girl
Jeralyn Portraits by Herna
Feb 2016

About two years ago, there was a post on AXIOOs blog about a little girl named Jeralyn whose portraits were made by Fen, our extraordinarily talented lady-boss. She was dressed up in a cute tutu dress and adorned with pearls around her neck. She had her hair in an extremely tiny yet adorable bun with a tiara on it and she was sipping pretend tea at a pretend tea party that Fen set up for her. I remember thinking, Oh my goodness, this is quite possibly the cutest toddler I have ever seen! And that she was! She is adorable and honest-to-goodness cute!

That girl has grown up. Jeralyn is no longer a toddler. She is a girl. And a very pretty one too. I’m just lucky that I finally got to meet her in person when she came in our BabyAXIOO studio for a portraits session. I think I was more excited about the session that she was. Just like what she had done two years ago, we set up another pretend play for her, so that we can capture the moments of her doing what she does best: playing and imagining.

The photo shoot went very well and I think that we got a few great shots of her. But I’ll leave you to browse through this album later. I won’t say much more about that, instead, I wanted to tell you something that I crossed my mind while I was making Jeralyn’s portraits.

I am not a parent, but ever since I became a baby photographer, I have noticed children and their behavior a lot. It also helps that my friends have started to have children of their own and I am surrounded by children on a regular basis. I realize that the children today have it different than the children of yesterday, well okay, compared to my childhood at least. I feel like in busy times such as today, children have also become busier. They have extra tutorials, piano lessons, swimming lessons, reading lessons, drawing lessons, and some even have golf or taekwondo or yoga or ballet the list the things they do is endless. If they’re not doing any of that, they’ll be doing homework, or watching TV, or playing the iPad. With all that activities, I wonder, when do they have the time to just play? To run around or to play tag or skip rope or jump hopscotch? When do they have the time to just imagine and play pretend with their dolls or to have a pretend tea party or weave stories in their minds? I am not a parent, but sometimes, I wonder, because I remember a lot of my best childhood memories were made in the park or in the playroom with my dolls.

I loved watching Jeralyn play. It was really refreshing to see. She really looks like one of those girls that just enjoys playing She didnt even need company for a while, because she looked preoccupied with the stories shes weaving on her own. She was just being a girl. And she is a very lovely one.



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