Hey, Baby!
Baby AXIOO Photographers by Fen
Feb 2016

What makes a good baby photographer according to Fen?
1. Must love babies.
2. Must love baby giggles.

Contrary to popular opinion, being a photographer is not only about their photography skills. I believe it’s more about passion and interest. It’s more about what’s in the heart. I think that passionate people make the best photographers, simply because their eyes reflect whats in their hearts. And we all know that eyes are really the best asset a photographer has. Not their camera. Their eyes.

I’ve always been so proud of everyone on the AXIOO team. And lately, I’ve found myself feeling even prouder of the photographers line-up. Especially the female photographers on the BabyAXIOO team. They are intelligent and talented and passionate. And oh, they’re incredibly cute too! How I wish you can meet each and everyone of them in person!

Meet Vania, the melancholic photographer. Vania loves capturing moments. Photography, to her, is a tool for capturing moments that fly by too quickly. It’s the only way to preserve thoughts and feelings, raw emotions, innocence and glow, to hold the things that will soon change for just a little while longer, to relive moments that will soon pass. Newborn and Maternity portraits becomes her passion and expertise because of this. Vania finds the joy in classical music, broadway shows and monochromatic colors. She thrives on the challenges of finding new experiences in her adventures to far off, exciting places.

Meet Aveline, the prop master. There is something about children that brings out the creative soul within Aveline. It could be their chubby cheeks, their innocence, their cuteness, or even their mischevious litte hearts. Whatever it is, children can never fail to bring a smile on Ave’s face. Ave begins every day as it were on purpose and she jumps out of bed with a gleeful heart whenever she has a shoot planned for the day. She goes to work excited, bringing her props, ready to welcome the huge grins on her clients. When Ave is not out there capturing smiles on little children’s faces, she spends good quality time with her loved ones, culinary trips with her friends and day dreaming about her favorite laid-back city, Melbourne.

Meet Herna, the lawyer turned photo editor turned photographer. Here is a girl who believes that a life without passion is no life at all. So much, that she gave up a law degree to devote herself completely to photography. Aside passion, Herna believes that life is to be lived in moments. Moments that make you gasp momentarily for air just by being in it. Moments that makes you question your brains capacity to soak in its beauty. It’s these moments that make up your life, making it worthy of every click on her camera. Capturing everyday life is Herna’s passion. It’s what she lives for. She’s fun and bubbly. When she’s not out globetrotting, she will be the first person you want to call and spend your day with. One cup of coffee can last for hours without you knowing it, because time sure flies when you’re with her.

I’m so proud of them and the person they’re about to be. I’m exceptionally proud to have them on our team. I really wish you can meet them in person and see for yourself just how wonderful they are. If you’re looking to shoot a maternity, newborn, children or even family portraits, they’re the best people you can call!




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