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Dyan Beauty Portraits by Fen
Jan 2016

The last time I saw Disney’s Little Mermaid was when I was still a teenager. I watched it again only recently and I discovered a new meaning of the movie. More than the lovely soundtrack and the entertaining lines, I realized the Little Mermaid is actually about sacrifice. Sacrificial love, because to sacrifice your world for love is truly something.

Love needs sacrifice. It’s about taking a chance. However, unlike the fairy tale, it doesn’t always end in a happily ever after and forever in la la land. Sometimes love demands you to sacrifice a big part of you. Like Ariel – she had to give up her beautiful voice to go after the man of her dreams. And that takes a lot of courage. Okay, so maybe, in real life, it may not be as dramatic as selling your voice to a wicked witch for a pair of legs, but it requires courage none the less. Maybe you have to leave your home to move to a foreign land, maybe you need to leave your comfort zone behind, or change the ways that you’re used to. But when you’ve found the courage to do whatever it takes, as yourself, is it worth it?

I truly believe that once in a lifetime, you’ll find someone who can turn your world upside down. You look at that person and you think of the blue sky, a gentle wind, or even a little whirlwind over the horizon because you feel completely at peace or deliriously happy and no one has ever made you feel like that before. You found the courage to open your heart and you allow yourself to feel these feelings.

To open your heart is a courageous act on it’s own, especially when you do it with honest knowledge that your heart might get broken one day. That’s the sacrifice. That’s the chance you take, but in doing so, you experience a love and overflowing joy that you have never even dared to dream about. You will find that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that is so real, even if it scares you. However, you will find the strength in knowing that you have a true friend, and possibly, a soulmate, who will remain true to you till the end. And that’s what makes all your sacrifice worth it.

When’s it my turn? Wouldn’t I love, love to explore that shore up above? Out of the sea, wish I could be part of that world



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