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The Best Gift
Baby Kylie Portraits by Herna by Herna
Dec 2015

It’s never too early to tell a girl how pretty, sweet, beautiful, smart, and wonderfully made is she. It’s never too early to start sowing seeds of confidence in herself. Start when she’s little… even if she might respond with an eye roll or doubt, tell her anyway. Let her know that she doesn’t anyone or anything to tell her how amazing she is. Remind her every day. Tell it to her in sappy lines or in a dramatic compliment; tell her in however way you want to empower your little girl. In a world that is tough and cruel, where anything can potentially bring her down, every girl needs extra reinforcement to grow her confidence. To make girls believe in themselves from early on is the best gift any parents can give to their daughter.

“Little girls are magical, all on their own.”




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